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Use our US Personal Shopper Assistant service to help navigate over 4 Million eTailers or whenever you encounter difficulties ordering from an online store. Have you ever wanted to purchase items from US online merchant but could not because you do not have a US credit card? Many international shoppers often find it difficult to buy online for this reason. By using our personal shopper assistant service, however, you will never have to restrict your options when shopping online again! We give you the freedom to purchase items from Millions of retailers online, like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Apple, Microsoft, Target, Bestbuy and many more..

Use our personal shopper service whenever you encounter an online merchant that does not accept payment via check, wire transfer or international credit card – or that only accepts PayPal, money order or a US credit card! With our personal shopper service, you will never worry about how to pay for your purchases again! International consumers rely on our Personal Shopping Services to purchase latest American fashion and technology on their behalf, then can be forwarded to over 222 countries.

Our Personal Shopping Services features:

  • Safe and secure purchases, you will have zero liability and no risk.
  • Eliminate international shipping restrictions that exist with many retailers.
  • Eliminate fraudulent concerns, as our customers rely on the experience of our Personal Shoppers.
  • Direct access to Apple, Walmart, HP and Microsoft stores

U.S Concierge Service