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We are the leading U.S Mail Forwarding, Personal Shopper, and Virtual Office services, provider. We offer a wide range of services for our client’s convenience and privacy. Often to resolve difficulties when shopping at U.S online stores such as eBay, Amazon, and others. We realized that International consumers and businesses may be deprived of the U.S shopping experience and access online bargains; our company has developed the right solution and is helping customers worldwide establish a presence in the United States via our robust U.S Virtual Mailbox service.

Our All in one solution can provide international shoppers and small businesses the opportunity to get a genuine and dedicated US mailing address based on U.S Post Office mailbox rental service. We also offer personal shopper service that is convenient and offers great peace of mind, we do the shopping and take the risk in dealing with the online vendors; you simply relax! Our Mail Forwarding fees are as low as $19.95 for pay per use subscription service.

U.S Personal Shopper Assistant

The Only Mailbox Address You Will  Ever Need

  • Not A P.O. Box Address.
  • Accepted at 4+ Million Online Retailers
  • Trusted To Handle High-End Merchandise.
  • Approved By The U.S Post Office.
  • Discounted Shipping Rates from 20 to 60% Off Retail Rates.
  • Real-Time Mailbox Management.
  • Money Back Guarantee.


“Simply the best! I love shopping online. Most of my jewelry and electronics get shipped to me on time and for 5 years now, I never lost a single item. I highly recommend this company for all mail forwarding service needs. They can be trusted with high-value merchandise unlike Aramex and Myus who lost my shipments”

Jeff R Canada

“I spent weeks looking for a trustworthy company to help me purchase a car parts for my SUV. The parts are always cheaper in the U.S but finding a freight forwarder that is responsive was hard for me until I discovered who is now handling all my international shipping service to Canada. Their rates are very competitive. The free consolidation saves me more money. I highly recommend the”

Ahmed T Dubail UAE

Most Reliable Mail Forwarder

Our company has been helping clients from Africa, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines,  UK, France, Spain, Portugal, and Canada with all their mail and package forwarding from America. Customers can use our U.S address to shop over 4 Million online retailers like Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Walmart, Polo, Ralph Lauren, LLbeans, Macy’s, Bestbuy, Sephora, Apple Stores, Microsoft and many more. For the hard to get the merchandise you cannot buy online, our Concierge service will help you get it with ease! We will send one of our knowledgeable Concierges to the store where we can buy and pick up the goods for a fraction of the cost others charge.

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