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All U.S. mail forwarding services are not the same. Sign up with us and see for yourself. After completing a simple 3 steps application process, you can have your own U.S street address to register or Incorporate a business, open a bank account or credit cards, receive mail or packages and shop over 4 Million U.S Retailers. When postal mail or package is received it will be sorted and promptly placed in your mailbox.

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Reviews 6

Personal P.O. Box Rental Service

All U.S. mail forwarding services are not the same! We have been in business since 2007 and have a growing client base around the world: From Moscow to Dubai and Buenos Ares. What makes us different is our strong reputation for service and attention to your specific needs. You can have your own U.S street address to register or Incorporate a business, open a bank account or credit cards, receive mail or packages. When postal mail or package is received it will be sorted and promptly placed in your mailbox. You will then get notified instantly of parcel delivery via email through our system.

Let us be your virtual office in America. Have your mail and packages follow you anywhere in the world. U.S Mail forwarding is designed for convenience and security. After creating a U.S mailbox address, we will collect and mail all your packages while saving you time and money. Mail Forwarding Service is ideal for international clients who seek to establish a U.S Mailing address for all their shopping needs in the U.S and avoid the shipping restrictions experienced on; eBay and other U.S online retailers. Our U.S mail forwarding service is based on authentic U.S street address in your name for as low as .99 / Month!

U.S Mailbox Features

      • Dedicated and Genuine US Street Address.
      • Not P.O. Box Address.
      • Free Email Notification.
      • Free Consolidation.
      • Free Secure Storage.
      • Discounted International shipping.
      • Ocean, Air Cargo Service for Bulk items.
      • Professional Packaging Service.
      • Free Export Documents Preparation.
      • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Why is a mailbox with a street address is better?

  • You won’t be able to receive FedEx, UPS and DHL packages at your PO Box.
  • PO Boxes have limited storage, and it costs more for it to accommodate packages and not just paper mail. You will be requested to upgrade your PO Box. So why limit your shipping when you can get more storage?
  • PO Box does not provide Free email notifications.
  • Our Mailboxes will allow you to have your mail and packages forwarded to you wherever you are.
  • One of the best benefits of having a street address (besides your home) is that you can use it for business mail. Instead of giving out a PO Box address to customers and investors, you’ll have a street address. And with a digital mailbox, you can even use that street address as your business address!
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1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year (Bonus: Free Month)

Reviews 6

6 reviews for Personal Mailbox

Mohammed Jabbar

Simply the best! I placed my order on Saturday for personal mailbox and got my address as soon as I sent my IDS. Very fast responses and reliable mail forwarding service. Highly recommend them

Abdelsamad Houri. Oman

Great rates! Fast shipping to Middle East. Much better than myus and Aramex

Karima Abdel Hadi

I appreciate your helping me buy my Microsoft Surface, your policy of declaring my own tax value helped me reduce taxes here in Saudi Arabia. I closed my other account with because they refused to help me. Your service is great and I recommend with these 4 starts

Danka W

Great service for the money. I needed to buy an Amazon item that was not available to me in Saudi Arabia. The address they gave me was accepted at Amazon and my Bank Of America. My only concern for them was that they not have refrigerated storage. The staff is super friendly and they respond to emails really fast, not like or where my emails never get answered.

Mohammed Bamba

I love their DHL discounted shipping rates, Amazon and eBay wanted to charge me close to $500 to ship my parts to Africa, this mail forwarder was able to consolidate two shipments into one and charged me a lot less. I love the discount thank you.

Amina Mousouli. Saudi Arabia

I closed account last month after they lost my Apple iPad and left me in the dark. So far your company has been delivering all my Amazon products safely and I love all the free features of your service. Allah Ybarek fikoum

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