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Who We Are

Get My US Mail is a subsidiary of Neighborhood Parcel a Biz International Corp Company, we are the leading International mail forwarding service provider in the US since 1996. Our service portfolio is built around providing convenience and value-added services that are designed to save consumers and businesses time and money. We have over a decade of experience in the shipping and packaging industry and we serve thousands of clients worldwide.

What We Do:

Our package forwarding services allow consumers and businesses around the world to buy goods from U.S. and International E-tailers. Next, we repackage and ship the mail and packages to their home or business using our diverse network of shipping carriers. The service is a safe, legal way to enjoy the enormous selection of products available in the U.S. and International marketplaces, without leaving the comfort of your home. Buy from eBay Auctions, Amazon, Buy and from the U.S. In summary, we provide world-class Package forwarding services complimented by our convenient and affordable Concierge service. Our US Virtual services are ideal for small business who wishes to establish US presence without the excessive cost of warehouse and personnel.

Service Features:

  1. Complete purchases worldwide through Personal Shopper Service.
  2. Consolidate your shipments and forward to you anywhere in the world. (*)
  3. Offer Digital Mail forwarding of your documents.
  4. Act on your behalf to conduct Business in the US and Worldwide.
  5. We speak your language: Our staff is fluent in Arabic, French, and English.
  6. Fast Responses to your inquiries.
  7. We offer safe and secure Warehousing of your goods.
  8. Fully Insured Business.

Who Uses Our Services:

U.S. citizens living overseas (Expats) use our services to continue receiving everyday mail such as catalogs, magazines, first-class mail, and bulk mail, as well as using their address in the U.S.A. to receive packages ordered online at auctions or websites such as eBay and Amazon, or via mail order.

People living in any of more than 225 countries (See restrictions) enjoy the same services as U.S. citizens. Each customer chooses whether they are interested in package forwarding, postal mail forwarding or both. Stores in the U.S. typically do not ship overseas. Using package consolidation and international shipping services let them buy just as if they were on a shopping trip to the United States.

Our Mission:

To continue to be recognized as one of the leading Mail Forwarding and international shipping service companies in the US.


To help international consumers and businesses gain access to the US Marketplace and facilitate global trade and E-commerce.

Our Technology:

We continue to look for ways to improve our network and provide our worldwide clients with value for their money. Technology is a core value in our corporate culture and has long been a driving force in the growth of our shipping and package forwarding services. It originally starts by listening to customers and developing new services that address their needs. Innovation and creative ideas come from all levels of the company to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Quality Values:

We place a high value on improving the quality and value of the money to our clients. We have designed and implemented a quality management system to ensure a consistent level of high standards, we evaluate our processes regularly and work on technological innovations to improve the process.

Our People:

Our company is our people, this is the foundation and the key to our continued success. Our employees receive continuous training and development in order to deliver the world-class service we promise our clients. From our policies to the way we design employee uniforms, everything we do is based on treating our internal clients with utmost respect and providing them with the comfort they deserve.

Our Services


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Personal Mailbox



1 User Per Mailbox

PMB Address

Not A PO Box

Ideal For Letters

Free Storage

Discounted Shipping Rates 

Free Email Notifications

Business Mailbox



Up To 5 Users Per Mailbox

Suite Number Address

Not A PO Box

Ideal For Letters and Packages

Free Storage

Discounted Shipping Rates

Free Email Notifications


Virtual Office



Uop To 8 Users Per Mailbox

Suite Number Address

Not A PO Box

Unlimited Letters and packages

Unlimited Free Storage

FREE Concierge Service

Your Own Fax Line

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