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If you live in the U.S you can use your bank or any Notary Public to notarize form 1583. If you live abroad, you can use the Notary at your nearest U.S Consulate or Embassy. If not, you can send us the signed forms and two government-issued photo ids so we can validate them here in the U.S. We can also pre-fill form 1583 and send it so it is easy to complete.
Category: Set Up Mailbox

Your mailbox will be assigned in 24-48 Hours from full payment. It will be activated as soon as we receive all required documents.

Category: Set Up Mailbox

Your mailbox service agreement, USPS Form 1583 and your photo IDs can be emailed directly to our security team via, faxed to 978-851-0531 or mailed to our Corporate address

Category: Set Up Mailbox

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