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How To Apply

Mail Forwarding has never been so easy! Just follow these three easy steps to get your own Dedicated US Mailing address, our US Mailbox Street Address is ideal to receive USPS Mail and all US purchases, consolidate them and ship to your destination of choice. Great for International Businesses and Consumers who cannot use their international credit cards to make purchases online and looking to save 30 to 60% off their international shipping rates. To answer how to get a U.S mailing address question, the process includes three Easy Steps:

      1. Select The Mailbox Size and Subscription Period You Like.
      2. Submit Payment via PayPal, Amazon or Square.
      3. Submit the Required Forms for activating your mailbox with the U.S Post Office. Submit form 1583 and Our Service Agreement along with Two photo Ids (List Of Acceptable IDs) or Have the forms Notarized by a Notary Public.

Need help completing the forms? Don’t worry, simply checkout and we will complete them for you, we will email them back to you. You simply sign, scan and email back to us at service @getmyusmail.com Or Visit our Help Desk. For latest details visit Our Mail Forwarding Forum. Download USPS Form 1583 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most asked questions, please click the + sign to expand the answers. For more FAQ’s, click here

Mail Forwarding

This is our most popular supplemental plan. It can be added to an active Mailbox subscription and will allow us to open your mail, scan it and deliver it to your inbox upon request.

Your Mail will be opened and scanned into a PDF file that can be emailed to you almost instantly, then you can decide to forward the mail, hold it for future consolidation or simply shred it. To apply for Digital Mail Scanning

Category: Mail Forwarding

Yes. You can pick up your mailbox contents at our Corporate location and within office hours. The office address is 1215 Main St, Tewksbury, MA 01876.

Category: Mail Forwarding

Our Personal Mailboxes are designed for letters and very small parcels. The box can hold up to 20 small letters. It will need to be purged at least once a month.

Category: Mail Forwarding

Our mailbox address is based on genuine U.S Street address and NOT a PO box! Our mailbox addresses are approved and registed through the US Post Office. Our Mailbox Subscription Plans.

Unlike the U.S Post Office, we can accept and sign for packages for you via DHL, FedEx, UPS and the USPS.

Category: Mail Forwarding

Set Up Mailbox

If you live in the U.S you can use your bank or any Notary Public to notarize form 1583. If you live abroad, you can use the Notary at your nearest U.S Consulate or Embassy. If not, you can send us the signed forms and two government-issued photo ids so we can validate them here in the U.S.

We can also pre-fill form 1583 and send it so it is easy to complete.

Category: Set Up Mailbox

Your mailbox will be assigned in 24-48 Hours from full payment. It will be activated as soon as we receive all required documents.

Category: Set Up Mailbox

Your mailbox service agreement, USPS Form 1583 and your photo IDs can be emailed directly to our security team via security@getmyusmail.com, faxed to 978-851-0531 or mailed to our Corporate address

Category: Set Up Mailbox

Your U.S Address

Your assigned U.S Mailbox address will be sent to you via email. Personal Mailboxes will have a “PMB” number assigned to them while Business Mailbox and Virtual Office addresses will have a “suite” Number assigned to them.

Personal Mailbox Address Sample:

Your Name
1215 Main St
PMB 115-CA-123
Tewksbury MA 01876

Business Mailbox Address Sample:

Your Business Name 
1215 Main St,
Ste 115-CA-567
Tewksbury, MA 01876

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Mailbox Subscription Plans

How To Apply For Mailbox

US Post Office Mailbox Application

3 Easy Steps to applyGet Mailbox Address In 24 Hrs

Follow These three steps to get your US Mailbox in as fast in 24 Hrs and start shopping over 4 Million Retailers, like eBay, Amazon, etc...

Create Profile

Create Your Profile, add the preferred mailbox plan to your cart with the selected subscription

Payment & Forms

Submit Payment and two government issued forms of Identity so we can complete form 1583 on your behalf


Once documents are received and verified, we will email you your dedicated US mailbox address

Follow These Simple Steps


Create Your Profile, add the preferred mailbox plan to your cart with the selected subscription Period.


Submit Payment and two government issued forms of Identity so we can complete form 1583


Once documents are received and verified, we will email you your dedicated US mailbox address


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DHL Express

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US Post Office

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Cargo Freight

International Ocean and Air Cargo shipping services. Door to Door and Port To Port

Why You Should Apply


We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back within the first 30 days of Service

Lowest Rates

We ship large volume of packages a month and we negotiated the lowest shipping rates for you

Tons of Feature

Too many free features: Free storage, Free consolidation, Free Insurance, Free..

Mailbox Management

State of the art Mailbox Management system that you can manage from anywhere

Where To Send Your Documents

Scan Your Documents Into PDF and Email To:

Frequently Asked Questions

The required documents we need back from you are: Form 1583, Service Agreement and Photo Ids can be scanned into an email as PDF, JPG documents and sent to security@getmyusmail.com or Faxed to +978.851.0531

Your Exclusive Address Sample will be a genuine US Street Address, personal Mailboxes will have a PMB (Private Mailbox) Number assigned to it. Business Plans can use an executive suite number,

Sample Mailbox Address:

1215 Main St
PMB 115-FR-2222
Tewksbury, MA 01876
United States Of America

Yes, you can under the conditions:

  1.  Each additional member must submit a notarized form 1583.
  2. Payment of $35 per additional Name (billed through PayPal)

Note: Business Mailbox will receive up to 4 Additional Members for free

Yes. We believe that nobody knows the value of your shipment better than you. However, you will be taking full responsibility to clear customs and we will not be responsible for any delays or complications during the transit of the shipment to you.

We know how important it is for you to stay in touch with your mail. This is why we have developed a mail management system on the Cloud. You can access the system to manage your mail and select one of these actions: Hold, Consolidate, Forward, Scan or Discard.

One we log a package into your mailbox, you will receive an email automatically, the email will include information about the sender and the tracking numbers if applicable.

You May download our USPS Form 1583, following this link: Click Here The document will also include how to complete form 1583 and the U.S Post Office Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, you can always call us at +978.851.0199