International Mail forwarding service allows you to purchase goods from over 4 Million US  online retailers for delivery worldwide using USPS, EMS, TNT, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. So if you live overseas and you can not use your international credit card, or seller refused to ship overseas, then this is the service you need! Here are the steps you should take to set up an account for our international mail forwarding services:

International Mail Forwarding Plans offers a great choice of International Mail and Freight forwarding services, we cater to a growing community of International businesses looking to establish a Virtual US address and a large number of international consumers who are simply looking for ways to access American retailers and save on international shipping.


Personal Mail Forwarding

This is a great value for your money if you are looking to receive Bank statements, Credit Card Bills and US Mail with an occasional small to medium box deliveries. You will receive the following services with your Personal Mailbox:

  • Free Limited storage.
  • Free Email Notification of mail delivery.
  • Free Consolidation.
  • Free Tracking of your shipment.
  • Discount shipping rates.

Business Mail Forwarding

In addition to the features above, business Mailbox will provide a great way to impress your clients by showcasing your genuine US street address on your mailbox and being listed on Google Local. Your clients will think that you are physically in America. This plan is ideal for shipments of small to large size and receiving average volume of letters. Business Mailbox Plans will offer these followings features:

  • Free Storage
  • Genuine Street Address with a Suite Number in lieu of PMB.
  • Free Access to our Concierge service.
  • Free Images of shipment upon request (limits may apply)
  • Access to our executive desk 24/7
  • Access our Virtual Mailbox Management.

Once you select the plan you want and that can fit your needs, add it and its duration choice: 3, 6 or 13 Months to your cart and checkout using Paypal, Amazon or any major credit card. Then submit two photos Id’s and for 1583 to finish the activation of your mailbox with US Post Office. Your virtual US address will be delivered to you via email as early as within 24 Hrs.

U.S Mail Forwarding Plans

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