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  • Private mailboxes are provided by Neighborhood Parcel. While they serve a similar purpose to Post Office Mailboxes at a U.S. Postal Service location, they bring additional benefits like receiving Parcels from FedEx and UPS. They also can be an excellent alternative to receiving mail where you live or at your office giving privacy and keeping your mail secure

Why Have Your Own Mailbox?

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A Post Office Box, or commonly known as a PO Box or a Postal Box, is a lockable mailbox located in a US Post Office station. PO Boxes are traditionally used to receive US mail and Parcels when you live in areas where mail is not delivered directly to your home. A PMB (Private Mailbox) Box, however, is great for people who move constantly. If you’ve ever relocated, you know the pain you go through changing US mailing address for statements, bills, bank statements, and magazine subscriptions, updating personal information with the IRS and the government, and sending an email or emailing friends your new address. It’s very easy to miss updating an important service. Next thing you know, you end up with identity theft because someone happened to get his hands on your personal mail. A Private Mailbox reduces this problem by cutting down the frequency required to change your mailing address every time you move and keeps your mail secure.

Top Five Reasons you should have a Private Mailbox:

  1. Address Privacy: You may want to keep your business and personal mail separate, or keeping your curious parents or neighbors away from your mail. When you have a private mailbox, you don’t have to give out your home street address. This can be valuable if you don’t want someone to know where you live. Since many private mailbox companies accept packages from delivery services in addition to the post office, you can use your private mailbox address for packages as well as for letters and envelopes.
  2. Shopping: Having a US address can be useful to create a virtual presence in the US so you can use the address to ship eBay and Amazon products to your mailbox so it can be forwarded later to your location overseas.
  3. Cutting Shipping cost: Using a mail forwarder can help you consolidate your purchases and ship them to you for 30 to 60% off Book rates.
  4. Virtual Address: Establish a US virtual address for your international business without the additional cost of leases and building expenses.
  5. Expats Mail: Avoid disruption of your mail when you are traveling or moving. Have your mail follow you anywhere in the world.

US Private mailboxes can do other things your street address or a PO Box can’t. A private mailbox address will allow your business to show up in many search engines when a post office box won’t. Renting multiple mailboxes can even increase your search engine presence in multiple communities. Some private mailbox companies will let you call in to check your mail, or manage your mail remotely online, saving you from making unnecessary trips. While you’re checking your mail, you can take advantage of the other services at your private mailbox provider, like sending packages with FedEx, DHL, UPS or Making copies, Notarizing documents etc..

Mailbox Subscription Plans

In Our Customers words..

Our Customers Love their private Mailbox and Here is why..
  • My husband and I get packages from family in West Coast. I also order quite a few things (okay, too many things) from EBay and other Internet stores. I always have the packages sent to my private mailbox so I don't have to worry about being home to sign for them. For me, the biggest advantage of having a private mailbox as opposed to a Post Office mailbox is receiving packages. The Post Office won't receive mail or packages from any carrier accept the US Post Office. Most of my Internet orders are shipped via UPS or DHL, so a mailbox from the Post Office is not an option for me.
    Mrs. Larous New York
  • My goal this year is to start my own home-business so that I can spend more time with my family. I've done consulting and marketing work at a national company for ten years and it's been consuming nearly all my time and energy. I don't want any of my clients to know where I live, or even that I run my business out of my house, so my private mailbox will essentially be my business location.
    Monica L Arizona
  • When I first rented my mailbox, I didn't pay much attention to the address. I got it because it was convenient for me to pick up my mail. I realize, now, how lucky I was to get a mailbox with just a street address followed by my box number. Most mailbox address have the street address, then the suite or strip mall number that the mail store is located in, an then finally the box number. It's obvious to anyone that the address is a mailbox. With my new business starting up, my address looks like an official business address.
    Alex K Boston MA

Private Mailbox Features

Too Many to list..

Private Mailbox Address can help you in may ways:

Address Privacy

Address Privacy

keep your Home Address safe

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Establish U.S Presence for your business

Discount Shipping

Discount Shipping

Save up to 65% When you consolidate your packages